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Steps to becoming a California State Loan Signing Agent

  • Applicant must have at least have taken the Notary Public course.  You do not have to wait until you receive your commission.

  • Take the 4 hour Loan Signing Specialist Course.

  • Pass the written exam and receive the Certificate.

1 - Class

Choose the kind of class that works best for you - we offer:

Take the mandatory Loan Signing Specialist seminar taught by our qualified state instructors who uses a unique approach that allows the pupil to participate in the learning process. We use this proven method to ensure that our students truly do understand the process of going through a set of loan documents with the client(s). You the Notary Loan Signing Agent, are part of an amazing industry.  Real Estate, Loan industry, Escrow are all have their part.  Then there is you! This is a very exciting way for you to apply your notary skills and create a viable employment for yourself. 

2 - Review on the duties and responsibilities of a Notary Public

  • There will be a brief portion of the class to notary review, steps to notarizing documents and the journal entries. The notary's responsibilities as a Loan Signing Agent.


3 - Loan documents

  • You will learn how to go through the loan package.  This is normally done by you the signing agent prior to the appointment with the buyer(s).  You will see that the buyer will either be initializing, signing or signing and having that signature notarized.  


4 - Setting the appointment

  • There is a process in making the appointment with the buyer(s).  This class will show the student the proper procedures in setting the appointment.  There are many factors that are covered in this important process.  Knowing the proper way, will save you the notary loan signing agent, time.  The appointment will go smoothly if this is done correctly.

5 - The appointment

  • You will be instructed on the proper way to go through the loan package with the buyer(s). Various procedures will be pointed out for you to learn that will cause you to have a very successful signing and walk away with happy buyers.

6 - Returning the Loan Documents

  • There are specific procedures for you the signing agent to return the loan documents to title and escrow.

7 - Marketing

  • We always need to learn how to market yourselves out there in the mortgage industry.  You will learn ways to let the right people in the industry, know that you are a qualified, certified Loan Signing Agent.




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