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Welcome to Masters Notary Academy

Take a California notary class, refresher class, loan signing class, or buy notary supplies.  California approved in-person notary training and loan signing agent training is on our schedule throughout the State. Electronic online class.  New live seminar class locations added often.  Choose to pass the State of California Notary Public Exam or the Loan Signing Agent Exam. Build your foundation to create long-term business earning a more profitable independent self-sufficient future.  Some use the knowledge and state certification gained as their main source of income while others choose to work part time when they want to earn extra money.  The MNA notary team will guide you step-by-step through the process of becoming a California Notary Public or a California Loan Signing Specialist.  With the tools our State of California notary classes and loan signing agent classes provide you can pass the State exam (all our materials and teachers are reviewed and approved by California authorities).  You then are part of the required processes to notarize important documents to become a critical part of loan signings to support industries like real estate, legal, government, financial, insurance, mortgage, banking, ...  Sign up now to get started! 

Schedule for 3-hour ca notary refresher class and 6-hour new notary class 

Refresher Notary Class to Renew an Existing Commission!!
Why spend all day?  Renew the easy way!

 All Applicants who presently hold a notary commission, are allowed to take the 3 hour refresher course, to renew prior to their expiration date.   This is a 3 hour course with an exam to follow. Register now to reserve your seat.  We are one of a handful of vendors that offer the notary refresher class LIVE 3 HOUR SEMINAR renewal.  Masters Notary Academy offers this class at various school locations. Please contact us for specific locations in your area.  949-648-6413

A live 3-hour refresher notary class is offered to renew your notary public commission.  The MNA new notary class and new loan signing specialist class are taught by state-qualified instructors.  MNA uses a unique approach that allows the pupil to participate in the learning process with proven successful methods.  MNA students often choose to take their state tests the same day - classes are scheduled directly before a State of California exam when possible.  Before the class is over students truly do understand the laws and regulations pertaining to the profession and are totally prepared for the test.  With Masters Notary Academy, students learn how to: become a notary, renew a notary public commission with a live 3-hour notary refresher class, or be a loan signing agent.  Here is our current California notary class and loan signing class schedule page.

Notary Supplies and Loan Signing Agent Supplies

Shop for supplies to help you keep the State of California documents in order.  Some classes are also sold at our ONLINE STORE HERE.


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