Steps to becoming a California Notary Public
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Steps to becoming a California State Notary Public

1 - Class

For those who have never had a notary public commission.  And for those notary public who's commission expired before they could renew it.  To become current the first step is to take the state mandated 6-hour notary seminar.  The 6-hour notary class is taught by our qualified state instructor who uses a unique approach that allows the pupil to participate in the learning process.  Class Schedule throughout California

If you already have a notary public commission we offer a 3-hour refresher notary class to renew it. 

We use proven notary class methods to ensure that our students truly do understand the laws and regulations pertaining to the notary profession and are totally prepared for the State exam.

2 - Take the same day state-administered test

  • Submit a notary application
  • You will also need a 2"x2" color passport-like picture to be attached to your state notary application.
  • Reference California steps to become a notary public
  • State fees are listed here.  Bring a check / money order payable to: Secretary of State because cash and cards are not accepted to pay fees.  $20 for notary application + $20 to test = $40 to California.
  • Bring valid photo ID to identify yourself.  
  • The test is:
    • 30 questions
    • Multiple choice

3 - Test Scores

CPS will contact you via email that you are approved. You also will receive letter in the mail saying ’You have passed’

After the seminar, you can go online to: to view your test score. To obtain your password, call CPS at (916) 263-3520. Test results should be posted 10-15 business days after the exam.

4 - Live Scan

Once an applicant has passed the examination, the applicant will be required to have his/her fingerprints submitted via live scan as part of a thorough background check. This will help:

5 - Processing Period

Wait for your commission paperwork to arrive (8-12 weeks after live scan). For renewing notaries, the commission paperwork for the new commission will be mailed out no sooner than 1 month prior to commission expiration.  

6 - Notary Supplies

Once your notary public commission arrives order bond/seal stamp, and other supplies at our ONLINE STORE.


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